Illuminated signage

Coloursplash Signs Pty Ltd is a long term established sign business in the Brisbane sign industry with over 30 years experience and still implementing a reputable service. We pride ourselves on providing quality service with quality workmanship which we find is the key to success with long term customers doing business with us for over 30 years and looking forward in sharing the next 30 years trading. With experienced industry trade qualified staff you can be assured that you are dealing with someone knowing exactly what they are talking about, to provide you with quality advise, and a hassle free service to follow when you proceed with Coloursplash Signs Pty Ltd. Our aim is to make sure our clients are ecstatic with the Coloursplash Signs experience so they will return for a long term business relationship.

Our broad range in the Brisbane sign industry enables us to provide signage of all aspects. From building signage, promotional signage, vehicle signs and graphics, property development signage and to traditional sign writing just to name a few areas we can provide the one stop signs in Brisbane service. We also have amoungst the download page files that can help you with your colour selection plus guides on preparing your artwork ready for production in the art work specification file.

Illuminated signage

Illuminated signage can be manufactured in various formats which all enhance the aspect of advertising using a light source. At Coloursplash Signs we can offer illuminated signs Brisbane to our customers from Light boxes for shop front signs or retail signage, fabricated letters with internal illumination.

Neon signs

Neon is a form of glass tubing filled with gas that has been in the industry since 1923. As striking as it was then dubbed as “Liquid Fire” it certainly has not lost its attraction. Neon provides a vast range of vibrant colours and can be formed to create may shapes that when illuminated can look valuable either day or night.

Light Boxes

Light boxes generally consist of a cabinet made from either metal for external applications or timber for interior purposes. Traditionally fluorescent tubes where the most common light source used for light boxes in Brisbane, but with the introduction of LED lights are now becoming the product of choice with our customers.

Fabricated letters

Illuminated fabricated letters commonly use LED lights as a method of illumination. Many effects can be achieved with the use of 3D fabricated letters, such as front lit illumination which the face and sides radiant light, halo lit letters cast the light source from the rear of the letter upon the wall.


The benefits of this illuminated signage option makes them continually popular by our customers and represent a smart choice for their durability and longevity, with typical life spans up to and over 10 years insures a great investment for a long term signwriting solution.

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