CNC routering & Laser cutting

At Coloursplash signs we have the ability to provide our customers with CNC routed signs and laser cutting service throughout Brisbane and servicing the south Brisbane district. Owning our own machine allows Coloursplash Signs the capability of ensuring fast turn around, good service at competitive prices. These machines provide us with the capability of cutting materials such as MDF, hardwood timber, aluminium, aluminium composite panel, PVC, polystyrene, acrylic, and brass.

Some of the methods used throughout the sign industry are.


Coloursplash Signs can engrave materials such as timber, aluminium, brass, or acrylic. From engraving timber house signs, aluminium for estate signs with paint infill. Engraving or v grooving clear acrylic for edge lit lighting, and for finer more intricate work we can use our laser bed.

"V" Grooving

As mention above is one technique used for Edge lighting clear acrylic signs: Essentially this procedure the light is forced through the one polished edge of the clear acrylic and reflects of the “V” groove engraved letter or logo that has been cut into the acrylic. Certainly provides an elegant effect.


This term is generally used when removing a large amount of waste from a substrate. This method for example using a timber panel, and would like the letters to sit proud therefore you may remove half the height of the background to reveal your letters. So therefore you hog out the background for the letters to be revealed.


This is a term used in the trade when two shapes are required to fit within one another. For example if you wished to have an illuminated letter to illuminated from a light source behind but the back ground required to be non illuminated, the letter would therefore be made from opal acrylic as opal acrylic semi transparent


This method used with laser machining is that of burning into the surface of a particular substrate leaving an imprint or image etched. This may not be deep but enough to leave an impression into Timber, aluminium, brass or acrylic.

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