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Exploring HP Printing Technologies.

As a wide-format print service provider here in Brisbane, we have turned toward Latex Printing Technologies to expand our capabilities, shorten our turnaround times and create an edge over our competitors when it comes to providing quality and service at the price which is right.

Here at Coloursplash Signs we have one of the largest Digital Printing machines in Brisbane. We can print on many different materials and media up to 2.6m in width. This is what is known as large format digital printing. Coloursplash Signs we have been extremely happy to operate our HP Latex Digital Printer over the past few years. It has been a much better machine than any of the large format Solvent printers that we have used in the past. One of the main advantages of the Latex Digital Printer is the speed at which we can print and complete jobs. The water-based HP Latex Inks that are used in our machine cure immediately, meaning that the print comes out completely dry, allowing us to laminate the product straight away which increases precious turnaround time. Unlike solvent technology, there is no need to degas so you can save 24-48 hours before lamination. This machine has changed the way we work and increased our productivity. With impressive levels of scratch resistance, a lot of short term temporary products don’t need to be laminated at all.

Easy to Operate

All other Large Format printers load their media from the rear of the machine which means there needs to be a lot of clearance area around the entire machine to get around it and load. As you can guess, there needs to be a lot of floor space to keep one of the old solvent machines running. The HP Latex is a front loading machine. This also allows us to save floor space which in turn allows us to house a much larger machine. The front loading aids in the ease of setup. No need to lug heavy rolls of media around to the rear of the printer. We just have to position it and line it up from the front. One way we pass on the savings to you when using the HP Latex Digital printer is the setup time. The front loading also has an automatic traction system, which draws the material into the machine and lines it up automatically making it very simple to use, reducing the chance of frustrating load issues and expensive down time. Once the media is loaded and printing, we have no fear about letting this machine run overnight unmanned.

Colour Quality

Ever since we started using the HP Latex Digital printer, our customers have always been impressed with the print quality, particularly the vibrancy of the colours and the vast range of media which can be used. The quality of the print is far superior to the solvent printer. It is much easier to colour match accurately as well. But overall it is the Colour Quality that stands out.

Variety of Printing Options

With our HP Latex printer we can print on a wide range of flexible coated and uncoated materials and expand your opportunity beyond vinyls and banners to films, papers, canvas, wall paper and more. Vinyl gloss applications for everyday signage needs, satin vinyl for a more professional look especially for interior signs, canvas printing which can be stretched across a wooden frame for that artistic look, reflective vinyls for road signage, one way vision for shop windows and vehicles, mesh banner for construction hoarding and fencing, control-tac for vehicle wrapping.


Call us or send through a enquiry on to discuss digital printing in Brisbane. We are more than help full to answer any questions or issues you may have with file setup or quality.

Looking forward to your business from the team at Coloursplash Signs.

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