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Window Films Brisbane:

At Coloursplash Signs, we constantly work with window films for both residential and business applications. The ability to apply direct to glass or have customised patterns, corporate logos cut into the film to show clear glass and or to digitally print direct to film broadens the choice available for using this product.

Types of film:

Decorative window films:

There are three commonly used decorative window films that being, Dusted, Crystal and Silver etch. Depending on the requirements and overall appearance would determine the type of film required. Each of these films allows natural light to penetrate through the glass but some transmit more light than others.

Dusted film allows 88% light transmission so this film is just off being a clear adhesive it has a cloudy appearance to diffuse the light, it makes it ideal for printing, but would reveal more behind the glass than the others.

Crystal etched has a 57% light transmission where Silver etch allows 56% of light to be transmitted. So these two films are slightly more opaque than the dusted.

All films can be cut or printed to so depending on the overall appearance required to give your windows the customised touch.

Decorative films are mainly used for Privacy screening in office meeting rooms, on entrance doors, or waiting rooms for medical centres or surgery clinics to create privacy for patients/clients. Decorative films diffuse the light and marginally assist in temperature control. If you are after an application to keep the room cool from direct sun light then Window TINT is the required film for this purpose.

White vinyl:

If you are not concerned about natural light entering your office/space and are after advertising applications we offer printing to white films and applying to the front of glass or for tamper resistance we would print in reverse to clear adhesive and laminate with white vinyl film. Depending on your print coverage this method would allow an estimate of 88% light transmission, so would make the room slightly darker compared to decorative films.

This method works well if you require a high contrast and vibrant colours. Printing to decorative films as described above are not as vibrant as this method. This film would assist in temperature control certainly not as good as window tint but would make a difference plus provided the ability to advertise your business.

One way perforated window films.

This film as it says one way works on light control. Its and external application to a window and can be laminated with optical clear films to preserve the image from UV rays which will enhance the durability. This film has a black adhesive and creates the same effect as a fly screen on a door when looking out. It relies on light to be brighter on one side of the film for it to work successfully, this film will reverse itself at night if its dark outside and you have the office light on at night, or will not work at all if the light is the equal brightness on both sides of the window, it will not work applied to an internal office window for privacy. This film would assist in temperature control however certainly not as good as window tint but would make a considerable difference whilst allowing the ability to promote your business.

Please view our Portfolio for further images or ideas on window films and contact us at Coloursplash Signs Brisbane for any information that you may require.

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