Floor Graphic

Floor Graphic:

Floor Graphics can be used internally and externally for way finding information directing point of sale advertising. Let’s face it most of the people today are looking in one direction, at their phones with heads down whilst walking. Take this advantage to grab their attention with a large, bright floor graphic advertising your product or current sale item to generate sales. Anything is possible using the right media for the right application.

Floor graphics Brisbane can be used on tiles, concrete, carpet to asphalt. Ensuring you have the right over laminate they can be quite easy to DIY when it comes to installation.

Not only for sale purposes but floor graphics are a great way to create that illusion of depth in what maybe a boring space, by either printing images of holes, water activity under water scene or that classic “Hole in the elevator “picture. These types of images generate a person’s attention from what they are currently doing. Sometimes that is all it may take to generate a sale.

For creativity with floor graphics contact us at Coloursplash Signs to discuss your next project or take a look at some of the many Floor Graphic concepts that we have completed visit our Portfolio for more images showing a variety of different techniques.

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