Wall Mounts & cable systems

Wall Mount’s, wire cable and Stainless steel Rod Display Systems.

Wall mount’s, cable & rod systems can be used to showcase your signage requirements. These systems create an elegant appearance to turn any vacant wall space into a stylish contemporary area for advertising or display making it a versatile space. Used often in real estate and sales office situations to display either a small or large amount of brochures, they can also be used to suspend signs, digital prints mounted to acrylic panels to LED TV screens from cable or stainless steel rod. There are many acrylic pocket holders available from A4 to A0 sizes. Also available are multi pockets 2 to 4 pockets in a row allowing for minimal cables and side fittings which creates for a cheaper alternative.

Wall Mounts

Decorative Wall Mount’s and Screw caps can easily transform a standard installation of a sign giving, it a grand appearance. With many options available; from satin or polished chrome being the most popular to brass and or coloured mounts. The diameter of these can vary with also the projection from the wall. Also available are mounts with LED lights embedded to illuminated acrylic panel through the edge to highlight any engraved shapes within the acrylic.

For your floor to ceiling cable or rod system please call us to make an appointment regarding any of these systems. With the amount of choices availabel I’m sure there is one to suit yourself.

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