Traditional Signs

Traditional sign writing:

At Coloursplash signs we have qualified tradespersons who specialise in traditional hand painted signs. Traditional hand painted signs can out perform new methods of signage and are easier to maintain then other methods. Depending on the complexity of the artwork provided but painted signs can be a cheaper alternative and certainly leaving a small carbon foot print meaning this method is Eco Freindly to the enviroment. If you are interested in a traditional hand painted sign then call us at Coloursplash signs where we can give you expert advice on this form of hand painted signage.

At Coloursplash signs we can produce traditional sign writing on many surfaces and or using a combination of different mediums from hand painted techniques plus 3D letters can be rewarding to a once tired wall. Other varibles to increase durability would be applying anti graffiti coatings to help preserve the wall from vandalism and also the elements of UV rays.

Places where traditional hand painted signs provide a good alternative are hard to stick to surfaces such as rough concrete or uneven surfaces.

Some of the common places where you may see hand painted traditional signs.

Timber Honour boards.

Restoration of old signs.

Car and vehicles.

Buildings walls and shop awning fascias.

Glass shop front window point of sale advertising using Flurocent paints.

Construction timber hoardings painting direct to surface.

Please visit our Portfolio to see methods of traditional hand painted signs on Brisbane.

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