Stickers and Labels

Stickers and Labels.

Stickers and labels come in any size any shape using UV ink on outdoor adhesive vinyl for external purposes.

Stickers can either be printed on a variety of stock such as high tack adhesive vinyls for those are hard to stick to surfaces such as concrete or wheelie bins,

Monomeric Vinyl: Low tack short term that will leave no residue lasting any where up to 3 years outdoors which lends itself to bumper stickers or “For Sale” stickers, short term window applications, promotional advertising or similar.

Cast Vinyl: Serious long term cast vinyl for cars boats and other areas that require a permanent application, we are able to manufacture decals made so all you are ordering is the letters by themselves with no background and many stock colours available.

With your digitally printed stickers there is the option to have over laminated films applied to enhance the durability, sheen (gloss satin or matt) and or clear films that provide anti graffiti properties. These over laminate film applications preserve the ink and vinyl for a longer period and allowing regular cleaning without damage to your purchase.

Short or long runs are no problem; call us at Coloursplash Signs to discuss your next project.

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