Property Development Signs Brisbane

Property Development Signs Brisbane.

Coloursplash Signs have had many years experience manufacturing quality signs for the Brisbane property market. So many elements are incorporated to make a property development look professional and take the part on producing sales. We at Coloursplash signs realise how important one sale can be in this industry so providing quality professional signage finished and installed correctly can not only attract potential new customers but generate increased deposits.

Some of the many aspects to generate an increase in sales with the use of property development signage are as follows.

Lot signs:

Lot signs are merely used displaying estate name, developer logo, agents contact details and size of lot that is being sold. The most common size of a lot sign would be 600mm x 900mm and most commonly fixed to a hardwood timber stake which is then driven into the ground.

We also have created more stylish lot signs with natural timber frames for that prestige development image, metal boards placed on clear varnished timber frames and sharp graphics printed with UV inks, which fixed with a stake in the rear so they can easily be removed.

If you require more information on Lot signs and to attract attention to the block then contact us at Coloursplash Signs.

Billboards signs:

Another essential marketing tool to for any development would be the ever reliable Billboard sign, Single side, double side or “V” formation to any size can be fabricated to suit your requirements. Engineers certificate can be arranged, services checked and fully installed with digitally printed stretched printed skin for easy replacement for when stage 2 is about to be released. These skins are installed with aluminium awning track and all skins can by option be finished with Anti graffiti just in case vandals habit area.

Mesh Banner:

Mesh banner material is generally used during construction period when signage is required to cover temporary fencing, hoarding, building or large entry fence to generate impact at point of site. Mesh banner material has perforated holes to allow wind flow which reduces wind loading on temporary fences and structures. Generally fixed with eyelets and cable ties Mesh banners increase awareness which therefore increase sales.

Timber Hoarding Signage:

Timber hoarding signs can be branded with signage for short term or long term use depending on the application to best suit the developer. When partnered with stretched vinyl banner the results can be outstanding to create the seamless wall, with effortless time spent on installation the banner can provide instant results to what was once a tired or empty space.

Other applications for timber hoarding signage is painting and applying high tack adhesive vinyl. Using adhesive vinyl Up to 1500mm high in one piece can cut the costs dramatically as long as the paint finish is in a sound condition. The adhesive on the rear is an aggressive glue designed for difficult applications, this can eliminate other expensive other wised used on stretched banners.

If the message is non complex then it can be proposed to sign write the hoarding using traditional methods. This can be cost effective if the detail is limited. Repetitive messages are not a problem with the resources of using paper patterns. These can be manufactured with our specialised plotter, perforating the paper on the outline of the message and rubbing the paper with chalk.

Sales office signage:

Most Property developers would always have an onsite sales display office to market the estate for proposed sales. With in this office you would find a list of many of the below items that are used to generate sales.


  • A- Boards
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor to ceiling cables
  • Estate and lot plans
  • Finishing boards marketing the materials used in construction
  • Wall Graphics
  • Reception sign
  • Flags and banners
  • Acrylic Panels with wall mounts displaying Developers history, maps and Ariel shots and render of the development.

All the above are essential items for a Sales office fit out.

Mobile Trailer Billboards:

With trailer billboards the benefit of mobility is more versatile, being able to advertise your property direct to the customer weather driving the roads or parked for a period.

This method of advertising trailer billboards Brisbane is far more effective. Please check with your local Council advertising laws.

Please visit our Portfolio for ideas and inspiration on property development signage.

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