Fabricated Letters

Fabricated / 3D letters:

Fabricated 3 dimensional letters Brisbane consist of letters or logos that have dimension. This form of signage certainly makes your identity standout from the crowd. Whether you wish to have your signs internally illuminated or non illuminated 3D letters do not disappoint to impress.

There is a vast range of materials that 3D letters can be constructed from, acrylic mainly used in illumination but also non illuminate due to its durability in most weather conditions.

Aluminium, stainless steel are other Metals can be powder coated to selective colours, threaded in the rear for secret unseen fixings which helps against unforseen potential vandalism.

Other materials such as stainless steel and Corten steel used when that rusted metal appearance is required, generally used for Architectural signage. Our experienced staff at Coloursplash Signs can assist you on your needs.


When it comes to illumination generally LEDs have taken over from other forms of lighting.

With low running costs and ease of installation certainly brings life to any 3D fabricated letter or logo.

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