Car Park Stencils

Permanently mark you car park bays with your logo to provide guidance for your customers.Custom stencils

At Coloursplash Signs we can create new stencils for concrete or bitumen or block out existing marked bays and insert your logo or message. Using line marking paint that is quick drying, you can label your car parking bays to avoid unauthorised people from parking in them. Line marking paints are available in standard colours that of Black, white, green, red, yellow, orange, grey and blue. Weather you require concrete, bitumen or grass marking for OHS, corporate identify, NO PARKING or RESERVED parking call us today at Coloursplash signs to have your area identified or visit our Portfolio for other samples.

After completion you are able to keep your stencil for further marking require or recoat existing after much traffic wear and tear in years to come.

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