Billboard Signs


Billboards in Brisbane are often installed close to high traffic precincts’ to create maximum exposure of your product.

At Coloursplash signs we can have our team construct engineered drawings and have certified plus manufacture from your plans a structure that will benefit all costs. Often billboards are sheeted with metal to be skinned with a printed banner Brisbane / Skin making Ad campaigns cost effective and easily manageable on a regular basis. For further protection these can also be covered with either a liquid anti graffiti coating or general liquid laminate to provide durability with prevention against the elements at high targeted graffiti areas in Brisbane city.


Often Real Estate and or Property Developers Brisbane would use this form of advertising to benefit advertising new Land and housing estates and future land stages. Billboard formats include single sided billboards, Double sided Billboards, V Billboards and or mobile billboards on trailers.

When it comes to designing billboards you can rely on Coloursplash Signs to provide you with the detailed information, from colour choices, text arrangement and the amount of information required for the location to make your Billboard advertisement a success.

Be noticed and create maximum expose for your product with billboards Brisbane, be noticed with Coloursplash Signs. Call today for your billboard quotation and visit our portfolio of some of the Billboard arrangements.

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